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Stars Volleyball LOCAL teams overview

Upward Stars is committed to 100% developmental, growth and maturity of our young players in the sport of volleyball and in life through our unique 360 Progression. Here at Upward Stars we strive to develop the players in four key categories...

  • Mentally- Deeper understanding of the game and how to make right choices on and off the court while learning to read the ball and each other. (Proactive)

  • Athletically- Developing in physical strength, agility, coordination, stamina, and skill set.

  • Spiritually- Anyone can lead when it's easy-who's willing to lead when it's hard? At Upward Stars we use a curriculum that has been widely accepted to help develop our young athletes in character, faith, and relationships.

  • Socially- Learning to be a team player while encouraging others around you.

Our goal is to make sure our LOCAL level athletes aspire to the levels of skill and competition that they are fully capable of reaching. Our goal is also not only to help our team in the game of volleyball, but also to help them aspire to their full potential in their lives as well as impact the lives of those around them. Our LOCAL team coaching staff is made up of current and former high school players and well as some top high school coaches who understand what it takes to win at the highest level while developing relationships that reach beyond the scoreboard.

Participant Cost


Upward home jersey, Upward away jersey, Upward Spandex, long sleeve training shirt, short sleeve training shirt, Performance socks, Upward Stars car decal


Teams will practice 2 times a week.

Local travel team Tournament Schedule (11U-14U)


January 10: Upward Stars Kick-Off In House Tournament (Star Center)


February 7: Upward Stars Youth Event (Upward VB Center)


March 21-22: JVA Dixie Classic (The Star Center)


April 11: Upward Stars Youth Event (Upward VB Center)

April 18/19: SAVL Club Championships (Star Center)

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